IDM Ring
What is IDM?

IDM stands for Intelligent Dance Music. There’s no single trait that links the music discussed on this list. Most of it is electronic and without vocals. It’s music that defies categorization, blending elements of techno, jazz, electro, and hip hop. Some of the artists discussed on IDM are Aphex Twin, Autechre, Boards of Canada, Prefuse 73, Funckarma, Kettel, Lexaunculpt, Plaid, Squarepusher, and Yunx.

What is the IDM Ring?

The IDM Ring is a group of Web sites related to the music discussed on the IDM mailing list. The IDM Ring is hosted by WebRing, a completely free service which connects Web sites in rings organized by related interests. From any site in the IDM Ring, you can click on "next" or "previous" links to visit adjacent sites. If you travel around the complete ring, you’ll eventually end up where you started.

If you maintain a Web site related to music discussed on IDM, you are invited to submit your site to the ring. The IDM Ring’s owner is DJ Dazed, who attempts to make fair decisions regarding which sites get in. Not all sites submitted are admitted.

How do I join?

The ring is currently open to submissions.

Simply click this 'Join Now' link.

What does the navigation bar look like?

This is how the navigation bar will appear once your site has been accepted into IDM Ring. This page is actually a member of the IDM Ring. Try out the links below to see how they work. Please note that each navigation bar code is customized—you must get your own code directly from WebRing for the ring to work.


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