Paul van Dyk comments in his interview at sonicnet.com:

“What I'm looking for in music is honesty. The only categories I make in music are bad records and good records. It's always like that — people trying to express themselves and being really honest and trying to bring that across. And then people who are only trying to make a lot of money and they can't bring things across properly because the first thing they're thinking of when they make the music is money. When I started making music, DJs were far away from making money, far away from selling records and also far away from being in the media. It was just pure music, the pure love of working with music.“

For most internet artists, their work is a labor of love requiring late nights and stolen moments between work, school, family and friends.  For the most part, they are amateur musicians sharing their creations with the world for the sheer joy of the ability to do so.

The media attention to DJ culture has been a double-edged sword.  It has given the chance to some to make a living doing what they love.  It has also introduced a new level of complexity and greed.

To those of you who have ‘gone pro’: congratulations.  I hope the money doesn’t get in the way of something you enjoy doing.  To those of you continue to spend your free time laboring away at your creations: keep up the good work and keep sharing your work with the rest of us.



Since the last newsletter, D R E A M D A Z E has delved into Ambient and kept cranking out new songs:

·         Chill’ – Van Dyk-ish intro begins the trance – climaxes with alternating synth leads

·         Drift’ – Moody song featuring glass synth effects, tubular bells and break pattern beat

·         Flurry’ – Short and sweet Techno.  Simple and pure to cleanse the palate

·         Freeze’ – Multiple ambient synth loops, reversed percussion and a typewriter groove

·         Frost’ – Trippy ambience which tells a story if you listen closely

·         Polar’ – Ambling preamble leads to linear electric piano leads

·         Winter’ – Features crunchy drum riffs and fills, pulse synths and ambient effects




‘Glacial’, the latest CD from D R E A M D A Z E is available on their mp3.com site at http://www.mp3.com/dreamdaze


‘Glacial’ is 43:11 of mostly ambient songs which attempt to capture the essence of the snowy seasons.  The CD features the songs: ‘Chill’, ‘Drift’, ‘Flurry’, ‘Freeze’, ‘Frost’, ‘Polar’ and ‘Winter’.




DJ Stumpy has added a TON of new songs to the station, and the requests keep coming in, so new songs are added weekly. 


Recent additions to the station include:

·         Leper Messiah

·         Realyze

·         Misnomer

·         Macros

·         Hoxygen


Check out the D R E A M D A Z E radio station at http://www.mp3.com/stations/dreamdaze.  You can find all your favorite D R E A M D A Z E songs plus songs by other electronic artists.


Give it a listen!




A new baseball cap featuring the URL is available at http://www.dreamdaze.org


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