D R E A M D A Z E  NEWSLETTER       24 JUNE  2001





“Laptops are the new electric guitar, I reckon…” states Thom Yorke of Radiohead in his June 6, 2001, CDNOW interview.  I imagine a legion of teenagers picking up his call to arms and forming, not garage bands, but “bedroom bands”.  Instead of frequenting pawn shops in the seedy section of town looking for cheap equipment, they’ll be hanging out in their basement in the ‘burbs, surfing the ‘net, looking for loops and downloading free trial versions of Acid or Fruity Loops then distributing their music internationally on mp3.com or besonic.com.  It’s a new world order.  Beware.




Since the last newsletter, D R E A M D A Z E has been cranking out the songs:

·         ‘Beguile’ is a mellow trance song with jungle drums and a deep, dope, groovy bass.

·         ‘Consume’ begins with cool, cutting-edge drums and ends with a nice mellow pad.

·         ‘Apparition’ moves through 303 synths to ethereal pads and deep sweeps.

·         ‘Torrent’ uses a 303 bass, a 303 synth and techno drums.

·         ‘Swallow’ starts with drum and bass and layers synth effect upon synth effect.

·         ‘Murky Girl’ features cool house piano and an Oakenfold-style arrangement.




‘Tumult’, the latest CD from D R E A M D A Z E is now available on their mp3.com site at http://www.mp3.com/dreamdaze


The CD is 37:23 of music featuring the songs:

·         ‘Diffuse’

·         ‘Writhe’

·         ‘Automatic’

·         ‘Lash’

·         ‘Beguile’

·         ‘Consume’

·         ‘Apparition’

·         ‘Torrent’

·         ‘Swallow’

·         ‘Murky Girl’




DJ Stumpy has added a TON of new songs to the station, and the requests keep coming in, so new songs are added weekly. 


Check out the D R E A M D A Z E radio station at http://www.mp3.com/stations/dreamdaze.  You can find all your favorite D R E A M D A Z E songs plus songs by other electronic artists.


Give it a listen!




A new T-shirt featuring the ‘Tumult’ CD graphic is available at http://www.dreamdaze.org


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