D R E A M D A Z E  NEWSLETTER         20 MAY 2001





Congratulations to Shag Lawrence of suburban Detroit.  He won the April T-shirt giveaway.  At size XL, he’s my ‘biggest’ fan.




The first FOUR singles from the upcoming CD ‘Tumult’ are available for download at http://www.mp3.com/dreamdaze. 

·         ‘Diffuse’ features a lot of cool reversed and echo-ed instruments.

·         ‘Writhe’ is a hard-driving trance track that should keep them moving on the dance floors.

·         ‘Automatic’ is a throw back to the 80s and showcases Yaz-style synth loops. 

·         ‘Lash’ is an industrial/techno/hip hop mix of harmonic/distorted guitars, techno sound effects and a hip hop drum track.


The last 2 songs of ‘Silhouette’ have been uploaded to mp3.com.  Representing the 2 extremes of D R E A M D A Z E, ‘Flay’ is an aural assault of an industrial song, and ‘A La Mode’ is a cool, jazzy, hip-hop song.  The CD ‘Silhouette’ is currently for sale at http://www.mp3.com/dreamdaze.


Also, be sure to check out the D R E A M D A Z E radio station at http://www.mp3.com/stations/dreamdaze.  You can find all your favorite D R E A M D A Z E songs plus songs by other electronic artists. Give it a listen!





Latest addition: we’ve added a link to past newsletters for your convenience!


Check out the redesigned web site!  Tune into http://www.dreamdaze.org for the latest D R E A M D A Z E gear and information. 


New graphics are available on the long-sleeve t-shirt and big coffee mug!  Follow the ‘Buy Gear’ link at http://www.dreamdaze.org.  The big coffee mug is really cool and proving to be quite popular.


Work continues on the site and the content is changed approximately weekly.  So keep coming back!





Thank you for your interest in D R E A M D A Z E.  We’ll keep you updated via this forum of upcoming events and happenings.  If you wish to be removed from this list, just reply to this email and indicate your wishes.