The latest issue of Wired is dubbed ‘The Music Issue’ and contains several good articles on the electronic scene.  The most intriguing article to me is titled ‘Songs In The Key Of F12’.  The article talks about Sunday nights at Open Air in NYC where Share (a laptop electronica enthusiast group) gathers for a ‘swap meet’ of ideas, gadgets, loops, software, etc.    If anyone knows of anything like this in the Chicago area, please LET ME KNOW!  Just drop me an email at dreamdaze@dreamdaze.org.  If I can’t find anything, I might just organize a similar gathering myself, since I know there’s a lot of laptop musicians in the area…





As of 26 April 2002:

·         Fen’ was #58 on the Chicago Electronic chart and #4 on the Chicago Ambient chart.

·         A La Mode’ was #17 on the Chicago Alternative Hip Hop chart.

·         Face’ was #18 on the Chicago Alternative Hip Hop chart.

·         Miles Comes To Visit’ was #19 on the Chicago Alternative Hip Hop chart.

·         Scratchification’ was #20 on the Chicago Alternative Hip Hop chart.

·         Drink The Fish Up’ was #35 on the Chicago Down Tempo chart.

·         Prattle’ was #45 on the Chicago Drum’N’Bass chart.

·         Wetlands’ was #49 on the Chicago Drum’N’Bass chart.





D R E A M D A Z E has recently released 2 new songs to the web site.


‘Atmosherocephalic’ is 90 BPM and chock full o’ cool organ loops, synth loops and random fx’s. 


‘Morphological’ is 80 BPM and VERY mellow and relaxing – lots of good “vibes” in this one.





The latest CD by D R E A M D A Z E is now available.  The CD is titled “amused” and has a mellow, chill out feel to it - definitely the best D R E A M D A Z E CD to date.  Songs on the CD include:

·         Brevity

·         Anthracite

·         Scratchification

·         Shaku Shake

·         Bituminous

·         Miles Comes To Visit

·         Secret

·         Shag Lawrence

·         Show

·         Drink The Fish Up

·         Curtain

·         Face

·         Prattle





DJ Stumpy has added a TON of new songs to the station, and the requests keep coming in, so new songs are added weekly. 


Check out the D R E A M D A Z E radio station at http://www.mp3.com/stations/dreamdaze.  You can find all your favorite D R E A M D A Z E songs plus songs by other electronic artists.


New additions include:

·         TrinaSim

·         Faze-One

·         Andrew Codeman

·         Soul Natural

·         Tycho

·         Engine TM

·         Leper Messiah


Give it a listen!





New additions to the web site include a BLOG (web log) which is updated regularly about every other day or so with vaguely interesting information or random lyrics.


We’ve added a link to past newsletters for your convenience!  (Note from editor: and the links are even kept current…)


Work continues on the site and the content is changed approximately bi-weekly.  So keep coming back!





An official D R E A M D A Z E travel mug featuring an original abstract “doodle” by DJ Stumpy is available on the web site – just follow the BUY GEAR link.





Thank you for your interest in D R E A M D A Z E.  We’ll keep you updated via this forum of upcoming events and happenings. 


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